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The Washington Alley Leather Camera Wrist Strap is completely universal and will fit any camera system. Outfitted with a sliding D-ring, the strap easily loosens or tightens for your comfort and gives you the extra confidence that your camera is safe. Handmade with American made leather, hardware and thread. 


  • Fits All Camera Systems
  • Maine Waxed Thread
  • Soft and Strong Hot-Stuffed Horween Leather 
  • Solid and Durable Hardware
  • Made in USA

Size: 1/2'' leather strap

The Tannery: Horween Leather Company of Chicago, IL, USA (est. 1905)

The Leather: One of, if not the most popular of the Horween leathers, Aniline Chromexcel is hot-stuffed to infuse the leather with oils and greases to make a very comfortable and durable leather. It is then hand stained in a variety of colors. The leather is well known for its natural grain, rich pull-up and a gentle softness.

  • What is "pull-up": When the leather is folded or flexed the greases inside the leather create a tonal effect on the top side of the leather. It can then be buffed out to its near original look. This adds an incredible amount of character to the leather. 

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