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Inspired by the North with a name taken from an unforgettable spot on Lake Superior’s North Shore, we present to you the Gooseberry. 

This classic paddle is crafted from beautiful Cherry. It’s iconic beavertail blade shape is matched by a long, tapered grip for a balanced feel in your hand. Elegant lines make for a paddle that looks as good out of the water as it feels in it. Each stroke from this paddle moves easily through the water providing just what’s needed; whether you’re paddling across a calm, sheet of glass or into the face of gale force winds.



Colors: Turquoise, Luminous Green, Black & Euskadi Green
Wood: Cherry(laminated)
Avg. Weight: 2 lbs
Blade Dimensions: 6.5" x 26"
Length: 58"
Finish: Wood is Oiled with SPAR Varnish over the paint
Crafted & Painted at Sanborn HQ
Paddle Durability: Wilderness Class I (mid-level wilderness paddle)

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