Hides and Stitches on Washington Alley

Hides and Stitches on Washington Alley

March 20, 2016

Hides and Stitches is located in Grand Rapids, MI USA and specializes in premium handmade leather products. Hides and Stitches uses only the highest of quality leather, including; full-grain vegetable-tanned, combination-tanned and shell cordovan. 

One of their primary interests is the environment, and they attempt to follow practices that are best for our planet whenever possible. They support local businesses and enjoy participating in local markets. For Hides and Stitches, it is very important to source the highest quality materials from the USA and aim to make products that will last their customers a lifetime. One of the early inspirations for their interest in the environment was The Story of Stuff--we highly recommend checking it out.

Washington Alley is very proud to partner with Hides and Stitches and we look forward to growing our businesses together. 

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