Todder USA on Washington Alley

Todder USA on Washington Alley

March 10, 2016

We're very excited to represent Todder USA at Todder embodies everything that "Made in the USA" stands for and is a testament to American craftsmanship. Located in a small town in New England, making hand crafted leather accessories out of the highest quality materials. 

Todder is located in Topsfield, Massachusetts. A small town of around 6,000 people. Tucked in the North East corner of Massachusetts about a 30 minute drive from Boston. Settled in 1635, Topsfield has an amazing history and exemplifies Todder as a brand and it's commitment to producing excellent hand crafted leather products. 

Making every product by hand in their workshop in Topsfield, Mass. The craftsman at Todder "disregard time and use extensive leather crafting techniques to produce the highest quality goods". Their products are made in a way that is rarely seen in todays world, by hand, in a shop, in America with the highest quality materials. 

Todder uses leather from Hermann Oak English Bridle one of the largest leather tanners in the United State, located in St. Louis, Missouri.  All hardware on the products are of solid brass. The threads used to stitch the material together is also American made from the Maine Thread Co. located in Lewiston, Maine. Across every aspect of Todder's products the materials are the best that you can find. 

You will not find a more stylish, hand crafted, American made product, that can compete with what is produced by Todder USA. We are proud to represent them at Washing Alley and will do our best to up hold their high standards. 

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