Webster - Slim Straight Selvedge Details

Webster - Slim Straight Selvedge Details

May 10, 2016

The Washington Alley - Webster Jeans

The Websters are Washington Alley’s premium branded slim straight selvedge denim jeans. They are completely sourced and made the United States.

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The are a creation of the two founders of Washington Alley and best friends, Eddy and Lucas. These came from the complete lack of American made men’s products especially denim. This set them out to create the best shopping experience with a complete focus on American made men’s clothing.

Washington Alley Webster

Washington Alley's Webster Slim Straight Selvedge Denim jeans are made with Cone Denim Mills White Oak 13 oz. indigo raw selvedge denim. The Webster is a Slim Straight cut that is tailored for those who are looking for a clean and close-fitting, everyday jean. Tight, but not too tight. Just enough of a leg opening to fit over your favorite boots without extra slack.

This is everything you will want to know about the product you’re about to purchase.

Starting with the best materials


The Websters are made of denim from the last American selvedge raw denim manufacturer, cone mill denim mill.

Cone Mills White Oak plant was founded in 1905 and has operated continuously ever since. The White Oak Plant has been in operation for over 110 years and will be the last selvedge denim mill in the United States.

Cone Mill White Oak Plant

(Cone Mills to Close White Oak Plant)

Demand for shuttle-loomed fabric, woven on their vintage Draper X-3 looms has waned in recent years as customers seek cheaper fabric from overseas. There is still fabric in the marketplace so make sure to buy a piece of American heritage before it is too late.

Washington Alley Webster Details


The Websters are also made with American made rivets, buttons and threads. These are all sourced from across the United States and custom branded to Washington Alley.

(Need close up of rivets and buttons)

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All of Washington Alley products are made in the U.S.A. The Websters are no exception. The entire run was sewn in the USA Sewing Factory (now unlimited design studios) in Los Angeles, California.

USA Sewing Factor has been a staple in the Los Angeles textile manufacturing space for years. They have the highest quality craftsmanship. We are very proud to have them as our manufacturer.


The Websters are a slim straight cut meaning they are cut pretty thin at the knee and go straight down to the ankle with not much taper.

You can see how sizing chart below:

Webster sizing guide

We highly recommend that you follow the Washington Alley sizing guide located below:

This guide will walk you through exactly what you need to do you feel very comfortable with the size of the Websters that you are ordering.

Color and wear

The Websters are a dark blue raw selvedge denim. We felt that dark blue denim was the most classic and most versatile. They will also wear and feather very nicely.

In some lighting the color can look very dark, almost black but they are definitely a dark blue.  

Below is a picture of the Websters after about a year of wear. You can see the color starting to breakin at the thighs and hips. As you wear them they will breakin to your body. This includes where you put your phone, wallet or anything else you consistently put in your pockets.

Washing, shrinkage and care

We recommend washing your Websters by hand in a tub (instructions for hand washing) then hang drying them.  

If you don't want to do that much work washing them by themselves in cold water on a delicate cycle and hang drying is a decent second choice. 

The denim in the Websters is 'sanforized' which is process that preshrinks the denim. This makes it so they shouldn't shrink very much if they are HANG DRIED. In the experiments we're run we've seen about a quarter inch of shrink after a hang drying them. 

If you dry them in a dryer you will get more shrinking. You will also break the denim in with the dryer instead with your movement. 


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